Climate Control Storage in Bronx, NY

When storing your valuables within your home no longer is an option, visit River Avenue Self Storage for your storage needs. Our facility offers convenient access hours, dedicated customer service representatives, and climate-controlled storage units, among other amenities. We know that you worked hard for your possessions, and the last thing you want to happen is to lose your items to theft, damage, or extreme weather. Renting a self-storage unit from us is the solution. You'll find comfort in the protection our storage units provide.
Do I Need a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?
If you need protection against extreme temperatures, an additional barrier against dust and debris, and humidity control, the answer is yes. Here’s Why. Suppose you own books, antiques, musical instruments, important documents, or paintings, and you don’t want water damage, dust, odor, or mold taking over. In that case, a storage unit offers an ideal environment to protect those valuables. Let’s say you keep these items in your cellar. Remember when Hurricane Ida brought record rainfall and historic flash flooding? Heavy rain would ruin all of your treasured possessions. However, you can easily avoid damage with a climate-controlled storage unit.
Another reason to invest in a storage unit is for air quality. Not everyone realizes the benefits of air circulation. With air constantly circulating, you avoid stale odors that attract books, clothing, mattresses, and essential documents. And, once the smell sticks, good luck getting it removed.
Have you considered humidity damage? Humidity is one of those factors that causes wood to crack and splinter, book pages to stick together, paintings to warp, mold, and mildew to form on fabric and leather. The drastic changes of humidity can be easily maintained within our facility but can you say the same for your attic?
Please reach out to our office with any questions about our climate-controlled storage units. Our customer service team is available to answer your questions and may reach us at (844) 916-4899. Your valuables are in good hands. Our 24-hour surveillance, gated community will keep your storage unit safe.